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Heads Up Football® is a comprehensive program developed by USA Football to advance player safety in the game of football.

All RFL Coaches are USA Football Heads Up Certified

Education Components

  • Concussion Recognition & Response
  • Heat Preparedness & Hydration
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Proper Equipment Fitting
  • Heads Up Tackling®
  • Heads Up Blocking

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about USA Football and your RFL Coaches


Guy Stefanelli - RFL - USA Football Player Safety Coach (PSC)


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by posted 04/01/2023

Registration Central


RFL Pricing for 2023 has not been set for 2023

(There may be a slight change from 2022 prices below)

  • Intermediate                  $265
  • Pee Wee                          $265
  • Pony                                $180
  • Ankle Biter                     $150

  • About Practice & Registration

  • New families to the RFL often ask about location and dates of practice.  This is a team specific issue.  All teams practice within the Rockville/Potomac/Bethesda area.  Please see Franchises for more information.  Schedules and game days are also outlined in this area.

  • If you are a Returning Player and the team you played for last year or the team you are supposed to move up to is full there is now a Waiting List Option.  This also applies to New Players who request a team that is full.  We will place New Players on the Waiting List if they request a team that is full.

  • Volunteer Program Opt Out Fee: $100 The RFL is a non-profit and all Board Members are unpaid volunteers. We count on our families to help in making the RFL one of the best youth football leagues in the State of Maryland. All parents are expected to sign up and be a working volunteer on one of our many volunteer committees. This is a great way to become a part of the RFL Tradition and to meet other parents. If you decide to not volunteer, you are required to pay this fee each season. There are 2 options......1- You will have the option to use Sign-Up Genius when registering and select a category to volunteer or 2- Select Opt Out and $100 will be added to your registration fee.

  • Medical Waivers
  • Waivers for medical reasons must be initiated by a letter from a physician stating the medical condition that requires the request.  Size and/or age in of itself will not qualify for a Waiver:  RFL MEDICAL WAIVER FORM 2016.pdf

  • Team Waivers

    RFL Waiver Forms must be submitted to apply for a player transfer from one team to another. Players must register for the team that they have played for in past years before applying for a waiver. All waiver forms must be submitted before June 15th.

    Waivers to move to a different team will only be approved if the General Managers of both organizations and the Commissioner agree or if a player was assigned to a team other than the one requested because it was full or merged into the previous season due to roster space. The waiver will then be submitted to the RFL Executive Committee for final approval. To have a Waiver considered you must first register for the team you are supposed to play on and then follow the instructions for submitting Waiver Requests.

    Instructions - Fill out the form below and email to the commissioner of the division you will be playing in for this season.  RFL TEAM WAIVER FORM 2016.pdf

First Time Registering Online?

"New Players" - when you enter the Registration System you will be create a new account if it is your first time using the system.

"Returning Players" - If you played in the RFL anytime since 2016 you will be a and always use the initial account you created, in fact all of your information will be there and the process will take about 2 minutes.  If you want to register another family member that has not played before you will access the account you created for the first family member and almost all of your information will already be entered.

If you see box next to your child's name that says "INELIGIBLE" , either the information in the system is incomplete or the child does not meet the qualifications required to play in that division.

Click on the box, make sure all required areas are completed and accurate and then retry.

  • The Registration Fee Refunds and Discounts.

  • Refunds: The League Fee, City Cost Recovery Fee, Registration Process Fee and Credit Card or PayPal Fee is in one lump sum.  100% refunds less the Processing Fee and Credit Card or PayPal fee ($25.00) will be issued.


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