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The Middle School Football League (MSFL)


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Welcome to MSFL Registration Central

Most of the information you need to know prior to registration appears below. Please read carefully.

MSFL/Intermediate Division: All MSFL Teams play in the Intermediate Division

The MIddle School Football League (MSFL) was created to prepare serious football players who will play high school football for the rigors of play at the next level.  The MSFL will emphasize basic and advanced fundamentals and techniques while introducing the systems and schemes that will be used at the specific high school the player will attend. 

How Does the MSFL Differ from the RFL Intermediate Division?

There is little to no difference between RFL teams (Bears, Raiders etc) and MSFL teams, they play in the same division and same rules. Most Intermediate teams are coached by Private High School Coaches and MSFL teams are coached by MOCO coaches.

MSFL Coaches are selected by the high school coach of the cluster they are assigned to.  Like RFL Coaches, MSFL coaches will certify by passing a Criminal Background Check, USA Football Certification, NYSCA Certification, CDC Concussion Awareness Certification.

Who Can Play in the MSFL 

  • All 8th Graders regardless of age, weight or prior football experience.
  • Any 7th Grader that has a minimum of two (2) years of tackle football experience.

What if the High School I Will  Go to Doesn't Have an MSFL Team?

Players living outside of Clusters served by the MSFL will be placed on Intermediate teams that are in need of players and are closest to the geographical are the player lives in.

Where and When are Practices and Games?

The MSFL regular season begins Labor Day Weekend and runs through Thanksgiving.  Games are played on Saturday day and evenings with occasional Sunday games if necessary.  Games will be played at Mattie Stepanek Park, Shady Grove Middle School and high school stadiums that have teams in the MSFL

MSFL teams may begin practice on August 1.  Four (4) practices are allowed each week until the Regular Season starts.  Teams may practice three (3) times per week in-season.  Times and locations are determined by each individual coach and team.

What Equipment do I Need?

Players will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, practice jersey, game jersey and game pants from the MSFL.  Players must provide football cleats, girdles, knee pads, thigh pads and practice pants.  Optional equipment players may want to purchase are gloves, rib protectors, visors (clear only) and other protective pads.

What Does It Cost and How Do I Register?

The Registration Fee is $265.00  All Registration is done on-line or at specially scheduled registration days held by the individual participating High Schools.  Fees may be paid by credit/debit card, or electronic check.  To register click on the link on the MSFL Registration Link on the RFL Register Online Page.  FULL REFUNDS LESS A $25 PROCESSING FEE WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL JULY 15.  NO REFUNDS AFTER JULY 15.

If I Need Help with the Registration Fee How Do I Apply?

Financial aid is available to those that qualify.  The MSFL follows the Montgomery County and City of Rockville criteria.  Please click on the links on the Registration Central Page for complete qualification information, process and application form.


What Are the MSFL Game Rules?

The MSFL follows the Nation High School Federation Rules with a few modifications.  Quarters are 10 minutes, high school clock.  The Wilson TDJ or similar sized ball will be used in games.

To Register for the MSFL click on the link below.  You will not be able to select a specific team.  You will be placed based on the Montgomery County Public High School Cluster you reside in.