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The Rules of the Rockville Football League govern all aspects of the Rockville

Football League. They have been adopted by the Board of Directors as of August

24, 2010. These Rules represent a significant effort on the part of the Board of

Directors. To the extent these Rules address issues in prior versions of the Rules,

the prior versions are no longer applicable. To the extent issues are not addressed

in this version of the Rules, the prior Rules remain in effect until updated. If you

have any questions about any Rule of the Rockville Football League, you should

contact a member of the Board of Directors.








The Rockville Football league has five divisions for boys and girls


ï‚· Ankle Biter

ï‚· Pony

ï‚· Pee Wee

ï‚· Intermediate

ï‚· Middle School

A player’s eligibility for a particular division is determined by the age and

weight criteria described in Articles II and III herein as established by the RFL Board

of Directors. Eligible players will receive an RFL Identification Card, which shall be

be provided by the league for a nominal fee established by the Board of Directors.

Any request for an exception to the Age and Weight Eligibility rules must be made in

writing to the Board of Directors with appropriate documentation, including but not

limited to a statement from a physician.




A player’s age shall be determined based on the player’s age as of August 1 of

the particular year.

Age eligibility shall be established by the following:

ï‚· A valid passport;

ï‚· A valid government issued photo identification card; or

ï‚· A Birth Certificate accompanied by an Affidavit from the player’s parent

or legal guardian in the form established by the RFL Board of Directors.




I.                   Regular Season Eligibility


A. A Player’s eligibility for a particular weight division shall be determined

through the weigh in process described herein. In order for a player to be eligible to

participate in a particular division, the player must meet that division’s weight



B. In order to ascertain a player’s weight eligibility, RFL will schedule a

“Preseason Weigh-In”. The Preseason Weigh-In will be scheduled by the Vice

President for a date not more than 2 weeks before the first regular season game.


C. Players who are unable to attend the “Preseason Weigh-In” or are

within eight (8) lbs of the designated weight for their age/division will be afforded

the opportunity to attend a “Make-up Preseason Weigh-In” as scheduled by the Vice

President of the RFL. There will be at least one “Make-Up Preseason Weigh-In.”

Additional opportunities for players to weigh in are at the sole discretion of the Vice

President. Players more than eight (8) lbs. over the designated weight shall be moved

up a division without the opportunity to attend a Make Up Preseason Weigh-in.


D. Pre-Season Weigh-in Procedures:


1. No player shall be permitted to weigh in without first satisfying

RFL’s Age Eligibility requirement.


2. The weighing of all players will be supervised by at least 2

members of the RFL Board of Directors.


3. Players shall dress in the manner prescribed by the Vice



4. Each player shall be afforded an appropriate tare allowance as

determined by the Vice President.


5. True mathematical rounding will be utilized to record the player's

official weight (i.e., 90.49 equals 90 pounds. 90.5 equals 91 pounds, etc.).

6. RFL will use its best efforts to maintain respect and confidentiality,

when players weigh-in. At all times the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well

being of the players will be considered a first and foremost priority of those

administering, witnessing or any other function participating in weigh-ins. Any

person who deviates from the intent and purpose of this rule is subject to discipline.


7. Pre-Season Weigh-ins of any player in a division may be

witnessed by the head coach or one designee of another team within the same division

upon approval by the division commissioner in said commissioner’s sole discretion.


8. No player shall be permitted to weigh in more than one time on

the day of the Pre-Season Weigh-in day unless:

ï‚· the player is not more than 2.0 pounds above the prescribed weigh

limit for the applicable division

ï‚· the Vice President or, in the absence of the Vice President,

another member of the Board of Directors, in his or her sole

discretion, permits such additional opportunity.


E. Make-Up Weigh-In:

A player not making weight during the Pre-Season Weigh-in, and who is within

eight (8) pounds of their age/division weight limit, will have the opportunity to attend

at least one additional weigh-in at a time and place scheduled by the Vice President.

All Make-Up Weigh-In’s shall be governed by the procedure of the Pre-Season Weigh

In except as set forth in this Paragraph.


F. Players who do not meet weight eligibility for a particular division are

permitted to move up to the next Division WITHIN their original organization if

there are available slots on the roster. At the sole discretion of the Board, players may

be permitted to move up to the next Division outside their original organization if age

eligible, and if there are available slots. Any player who moves up a division to an

organization other than their original organization, they will be permitted ONE (1) time

to return to their original organization; and only in the immediate year following the

year in which they moved up a division. They shall be given "new" player registration

priority in returning to their original organization if opting to return.


G. No player will be allowed to weigh-in within a division after the final

game of the 2nd scheduled "week" of divisional games under any circumstances,

without RFL Board approval of extenuating circumstances. A player may only

weigh-in after the 2nd scheduled week of games, upon a petition approved the board in

writing documenting any extenuating circumstances. Unavailability for prior weigh6

ins shall not be grounds for any extension. If the exception is granted by the Board,

the player will have one and only one opportunity to weigh in. There is no right to an

additional make-up weigh-in.


H. Any player unable to meet the weigh-in requirements as defined this

Article or II will not be permitted to play in the RFL for that season.

I.                    No player may weigh in less than 48 hours prior to a game.


II.               Playoff Weigh-ins:



This Section shall apply to a weigh in to determine playoff eligibility.


A. The Vice President shall schedule a “Playoff Weigh-In” to take place

within 30 minutes of the conclusion of each team's final regular season game or as close

thereto as practicable as determined by the Vice President (the “Playoff Weigh-In”).


B. Players who do not meet Playoff Weight Requirements are INELIGIBLE

for the entirety of playoffs.


C. Weights limits for each division shall increase by six (6) lbs.


D. Subject to the other provisions of Section II of this Article, Make up

Playoff Weigh Ins are at the sole discretion of the Vice President.


E. Players within three (3) pounds of the Division weight limit for their age

group will be permitted to attend a make-up weigh-in. Players exceeding the Playoff

weight by more than three pounds will not be permitted to weigh-in again and are

INELIGIBLE for the entirety of the playoffs.


F. Players exceeding the required weight limit by two (2) pounds or less

during the initial weigh-in may return on the same day and attempt to weigh-in

again; at the discretion of the RFL's VP of Personnel or Officer in Charge of the

weigh-in process, they may have multiple attempts within the assigned time period to

make weight.


G. No player may weigh less than 48 hours before a game.




I.                   Coaches


A. All RFL Coaches are subject to review and approval by the RFL. This

article defines the selection and approval process for coaches, review and discipline

procedures, and coaching requirements for coaching in the RFL, as well as other



B. Coaches who do not meet all RFL requirements may not coach in the RFL.

Coaches who violate any RFL requirement or who violate any RFL rule are subject to

discipline by RFL.


C. All RFL Coaches must register with the RFL in order to coach in the RFL.


D. All RFL head and assistant coaches must be certified, pass a background check as mandated by the RFL and/or the City of Rockville, and complete USA Football certification classes as directed by the RFL.


E. Any coach who does not meet the requirements of this article at least 48

hours before the opening game of the RFL season may not coach in the RFL that year. A

coach meeting the requirements of this article after such time may only coach in the RFL

that year with approval of the RFL Board of Directors.


F. All Head Coaches


1. In addition to the other requirements of this Article, in order to serve

as a head coach, a person must also attend a coaching clinic run or approved by the RFL

and attend a clinic on the fitting of football equipment approved by the RFL.


2. All head coaches must be approved by the RFL Board of Directors.

The RFL Board of Directors will approve coaches based upon the advice of the

respective Division Commissioners. In the absence of a Division Commissioner, the

RFL President or his/her delegate shall provide the advice to the Board.


3. Head coaches are responsible for ALL aspects of the management of

their team, including but not limited to the following:

ï‚· insuring all assistants and Team Parents meet RFL certification requirements;

ï‚· roster management; communication with the RFL and his/her team;

ï‚· player eligibility;

ï‚· contacting returning players regarding registration;

ï‚· compliance with RFL heat and practice guidelines;

ï‚· reporting games scores to Division Commissioners within 24 hours of completion

of a game;

ï‚· check-in of teams prior to games at a time designated by the league:

ï‚· identifying adults to serve as chain gang members when the teams is the home

team; and

ï‚· any other responsibility associated with serving as a head coach.


4. All Head Coaches are required to attend all mandatory RFL

Meetings including but not limited to the RFL Annual Meeting and Spring Coaches

Meeting. Any head coach not in attendance or not sending a certified assistant coach will

be suspended for one game.


G. Navy Head Coach Responsibilities


1. In addition to the requirements above, Head coaches for Navy teams

lead all (both Army and Navy) of the particular organization’s teams within a particular

division and have the responsibilities set forth in this Paragraph.


2. Navy head coaches are responsible for all aspects of managing the

division roster for the teams. This includes dividing the players into Army and Navy

Teams, and communicating to the Vice President the Army and Navy Rosters by the date

established by the Vice President.


3. Navy head coaches assist the League in the development and

approval process for the Army team head coach.


4. Navy head coaches who wish to move to a new division are required

to assist the League in finding a successor Navy head coach before the RFL will approve

said coach as a Navy Head Coach for the following season.


5. Navy head coaches are responsible for recruiting players for that

organization’s teams.


6. Navy head coaches are responsible for selection of assistant coaches

for both Army and Navy teams, team parents, and other team volunteers.


7. If his or her team is participating in the RFL’s “6 Practice Rule”, the

Navy head coach is responsible for keeping such records.


8. Navy head coaches are responsible for verifying that players meet

division age and weight requirements.


9. Navy head coaches are responsible for communicating with the Vice

President and Division Commissioners for players who are being added or removed from

the teams’ roster.


10. Navy head coaches are responsible for mentoring the organization’s

Army head coaches and, unless impracticable, should arrange a practice schedule which

allows the Army and Navy teams to practice together.


11. All Navy Coaches, with the exception of attending the yearly

coaching clinic, are expected to meet all coaching certification requirements by June 1, if

identified by that day. If not, such certification requirements shall be met by the date

established by the Vice President or other designee of the Board of Directors.


H. Army Head Coaches


1. In addition to the general requirements above, Army head coaches

shall work with the Navy head coach on roster management and division of the team into

Army and Navy teams.


2. Army head coaches share responsibility with the Navy head coach

for selection of assistant coaches and the Army team parent.


I. Assistant Coaches--In addition to the general requirements above, assistant

coaches who wish to serve as a Navy head coach must have attended an RFL approved

clinic within the previous 12 months. Further, the RFL urges all assistant coaches to

attend an RFL approved clinic.


II.               Discipline of Coaches


A. The RFL requires all its coaches to adhere to all RFL Rules.


B. Coaches who violate applicable RFL rules are subject to

discipline. Discipline may include, but not be limited to warnings, probation, suspension

or expulsion depending on the severity of the violation and other relevant factors.


C. Warnings may be issued by the President, the Vice President, and the

Division Commissioners.


D. A coach placed on probation shall remain in such status for the remainder

of that season. Any violation of RFL rules during the period of probation,

shall result in a suspension of the coach for the remainder of the season. Any coach

suspended twice during the season shall also be suspended for the remainder of the



E. The President, Vice President, or a Division Commission with the

concurrence of the President, has the power to suspend a coach at any time for a

violation of RFL rules. In the event of a suspension under this Paragraph,

the suspended coach will be notified of the rules violated, and may appeal the

suspension by submitting an appeal in writing to the President within 48 hours of the

suspension. In the event of an appeal, the coach will be given a hearing within 7 days

or the suspension is vacated. The hearing will be held before a Committee of at least 5

board members. The Committee shall determine, based on record and facts presented

whether to affirm, amend, or revoke the imposed discipline.



F. For any alleged violation of RFL Rules for which an

immediate suspension under Paragraph E is not issued and for which a sanction other

than a warning is being considered by the Board, the coach will be notified in writing

of the proposed violation and proposed discipline, and shall have the opportunity to

provide a written response to the Board of Directors for a review of the discipline

imposed. Said response shall be in writing and sent within 72 hours of notification of

the proposed violation and discipline. If no response is received, the Board may

impose the discipline. In the event of a response, the coach will be given the

opportunity to present an oral response to the Board at a hearing. The Board will have

full discretion regarding the finding of a violation and the imposition of discipline, if



III.            Team Parents


A. Each team within a particular division may have one (1) team parent as

selected by the Navy head coach. The Army team parent shall be selected jointly by the

Navy and Army head coaches.


B. The team parent shall register through the RFL registration process.




C. The team parent shall count as the parent volunteer requirement for the



D. The team parent shall assist the head coaches in all administrative tasks as

requested by the head coaches.


IV.             Field Passes for Team Volunteers


A. No one shall be permitted inside the gates or on the football fields without a

Field Pass.


B. Field passes shall be issued by the RFL for the following persons:

ï‚· All properly registered coaches

ï‚· Flag Team Parents

ï‚· One (1) Photographer (who must stand outside the 20 yard line) per team

ï‚· One (1) Videographer (who may stand outside the 20 yard line or at the press


ï‚· One (1) water person UNDER AGE 14

ï‚· One (1) Statistician.


In order to serve as the statistician, the designated person must be recognized as

statistitican by the commissioner.


C. The RFL will issue special field passes for student assistant coaches. Such

special field passed can only be issued at the discretion of the president or the

commissioner the division.




I. Team meetings are defined as practices, games, film sessions, conditioning

sessions, scrimmages and any other football related activity conducted under the

supervision of a member of a the team’s coaching staff.


II. Team meetings for the RFL season may begin August 1.


III. This Section governs how many team meetings may be held each week.


A. For the purpose of this section, a week is defined as Sunday through



B. Number and duration of team meetings


(1) Flag teams may meet two (2) times per week for a maximum of

ninety (90) minutes.


(2) Ankle Biter teams may meet three (3) times per week for a

maximum of two (2) hours.


(3) Pony, Pee Wee, and Intermediate teams may meet four (4) times

for a maximum of two and one half (2 ½) hours.



C. All team meeting times and requirements are subject to limitation by

the RFL Heat Guidelines Subject to heat guidelines.




I. The RFL is a volunteer organization that exists for the benefit of the

children playing football.

II. The RFL requires that all parents must either volunteer in a manner

prescribed by the RFL or pay a fee as determined by the Board of Directors.


III. The RFL requires that all parents sign a Code of Ethics at the time children

are registered.


IV. The RFL, with the authority of the City of Rockville, may ask a parent to

leave any RFL sanctioned function.